Duke Chapel Statue Provides an Opportunity to Reconcile Our Past

Guest post by Monty Reichert | Theo Pilkington Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Pratt School of Engineering The entrance portal of Duke Chapel featured carved stone statues of Girolamo Savonarola, Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Sidney Lanier, and John Wesley.  Two of these men were icons of Western religious traditions, one was a southern […]

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President Vincent Price Envisions a University Deeply Engaged with the Community

The following is an excerpt from President Vincent E. Price’s inauguration speech on October 5, 2017. The full text can be found here. “We are, finally, called upon today to renew our commitment to healing and to serving our surrounding communities.  At each key moment of institutional regeneration, our predecessors understood and reconfirmed their obligation […]

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