Engaged Scholarship

Engaged scholarship is defined as the collaboration between academics and individuals outside the academy – knowledge professionals and the public – for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. The scholarship of engagement includes approaches that encourage participation of community members to enhance and broaden the pursuit and application of scholarship to address social issues within and beyond the university.


The Research University Civic Engagement Network (TRUCEN): a network advancing civic engagement and engaged scholarship among research universities.

Community Campus Partnerships for Health: a nonprofit membership organization that promotes health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic institutions.


Hurd, C., Stanton, T., Connolly, B., Howard, J. & Litvak, L. (2016). Research university engaged scholarship toolkit; Campus Compact.
A toolkit designed to help faculty, administrators and graduate students  (1) to add clarity to the meaning and conceptualization of community-engaged scholarship in a research university context; (2) to provide a rationale for why to do it and resources on how to do it well; (3) to provide tools and assistance for faculty at research universities to document engaged scholarship for reward and promotion (i.e., how to get credit for it); and (4) to provide tools and assistance for enabling the assessment of engaged scholarship (i.e., for faculty reward and promotion).

Stanton, T. (2007). New times Demand New Scholarship | Research Universities and Civic Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges; The Research University Community Engagement Network (TRUCEN)