Funding & Awards

Bass Connections Proposals

Bass Connections supports team-based research projects that engage faculty, undergraduates, and graduate/professional students in interdisciplinary exploration of big, unanswered questions about major societal challenges.

Duke Arts Collaboration Development Grants

Collaboration Development Grants are offered to faculty members who wish to collaborate on new artistic work with artists or faculty members in their own or different disciplines.

DukeEngage Faculty Opportunities

Almost all DukeEngage group programs are either led by faculty members or benefit from the contributions and support of a Faculty Fellow. DukeEngage invites faculty members to submit new program proposals or apply for site exploration funding.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Funding and Fellowship

Duke I&E has compiled a list of internal and external entrepreneurship-related funding opportunities. Duke I&E also offers the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellowship, which is focused on supporting Duke faculty who are interested in incorporating social innovation and entrepreneurship into their teaching and work.

Kenan Campus Grants

The Campus Grants program allows members of the Duke community to incorporate ethics into their own work. Grants of up to $500 are available to all members of the Duke community—students, faculty, and staff—to support initiatives that promote ethical or moral reflection, deliberation, and dialogue at Duke and beyond.

LDSA Leadership and Service Awards

The Center for Leadership Development and Social Action (LDSA) offers In The Spotlight awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the University and beyond, including several awards for faculty and administrators who support student leadership.

Policy Bridge Small Grants

Sanford’s Policy Bridge has limited funds available to support small grants for engagement activities that serve to catalyze, expand, or enhance efforts to bridge research and policy.

Service-Learning Courses and Fellowship Funding

Duke Service-Learning provides funding to support service-learning courses, research, and professional development. Course enhancement funds are available in conjunction with new requests for the SL label, while applications for supplemental funds are accepted on an ongoing basis. The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program, which provides additional funding, is a learning community in which new and experienced service-learning practitioners deepen their knowledge, practice, partnerships, and sense of community through a series of interactive workshops, speakers, and experiences that present current research and best practices for community-engaged pedagogy.

SSRI Research Support

The Social Science Research Institute supports research activity at Duke by providing pre-award and post-award services, research development assistance, and training and networking opportunities relevant to research administration.

Together Duke Research Support

  • Intellectual Community Planning Grants: support for Duke faculty who are interested in convening a group of colleagues to begin or test a new collaboration around a shared intellectual interest
  • Provost’s Pilot Research Grants (PPRGs): support for innovative research in the humanities and social sciences — across and between all disciplines — with the potential to have broad and sustained impact
  • Collaboratories: Together Duke has targeted three challenges that reflect societal relevance, internal capacities for reflection and action, and alignment with Duke’s strategic priorities: Energy and Water Resources; Race, Religion, and Citizenship; and Population Health



*For awards external to Duke, visit North Carolina Campus Compact’s list of local and national civic engagement awards.*