Beyond the Vote: Civic Engagement Outside of Election Season

This year has seen record numbers for voter registration and early voting, signaling an encouraging surge of people using the power of democratic engagement to make their voices heard. When the ballots are cast and the votes are counted, regardless of the outcome, we want to channel the current civic energy into ongoing engagement. We believe in the power of community to catalyze positive change, and we offer 10 ideas for continuing to engage after the election: 

  1. Respond to community-identified volunteer opportunities
  1. Take a service-learning course to learn more about an issue you care about alongside others in the community. 
  1. Write a letter to the editor for the Duke Chronicle. 
  1. Get involved with one of Duke’s many civic engagement programs
  1. Join a Duke student service organization to further your commitment to an issue. 
  1. Know who your local representatives are and contact them. Attend a city council meeting to learn more about local priorities and initiatives. 
  1. Learn more about Civil and Human Rights in Durham through the Pauli Murray Project.  
  1. Participate in workshops facilitated by organizations like Racial Equity Institute or The Equity Paradigm to learn more about the roots of current inequities. Explore additional resources gathered by the Office for Institutional Equity.  
  1. Engage with and learn from local organizations focused on advocacy and activism and patronize small businesses that stand for the issues you care about. 
  1. Connect with our office to talk about additional opportunities to explore your passions and interests.