Announcing Staff Transitions

Each school year brings possibilities for growth, learning and new challenges. For the Office of Civic Engagement, this new academic year is bringing change to our team as we say goodbye to one staff member and welcome another. On August 24, Domoniqúe Redmond will transition to work as the Assistant Director for Research and Advancement and Sandra Martinez-Zuniga will join our team as the Senior Program Coordinator for Civic Engagement. Both Domoniqúe and Sandra are excited about this transition and the possibilities ahead.  

Domoniqúe has served with the Community Service Center (which integrated into the work of the Office of Civic Engagement this past spring) for 23 years. Over the years, Domoniqúe has had a hand in many successful civic engagement programs at Duke, including the America Reads America Counts program, DukeEngage Durham and Duke College Advising Corps. Domoniqúe reflected on her work with the Community Service Center, “We created a strong family. I remain in touch with former student staff and volunteers. It means a lot to know that I had a positive influence on their lives and their time at Duke.” She also shared her excitement for her new role and how she can serve community partners in new ways through the Research and Advancement team.  

As we offer our gratitude to Domoniqúe for her service, we welcome Sandra Martinez-Zuniga to the Office of Civic Engagement. Previously Sandra worked at the Duke University Career Center, coaching students in public sector careers, and will be able to translate her knowledge and partnerships to civic engagement.  

Sandra is excited to make a difference in Durham and in our community. “I’m ready to make a positive impact in our community, especially as we face racial inequalities, social disparities and a global pandemic. I believe we are more impactful when we work collaboratively and connect with each other. It’s especially meaningful to me that this position will require me to work closely with community organizations and to promote collaboration with schools and departments at Duke.” 

There is no doubt we are facing unprecedented times ahead as a new semester begins, presenting new challenges and new possibilities. We celebrate both Domoniqúe and Sandra as they continue to serve Duke and our community in their new roles.