Duke Civic Action Plan Update

Since publishing the Duke Civic Action Plan in April 2017, the Duke Office of Civic Engagement has worked to begin implementing the identified priorities, described below.

The plan lays out major long-term goals to better support and sustain civic engagement at Duke, which we have broken down into smaller annual goals. Although many of these objectives are less items to be checked off than they are principles to be integrated into all future work, we have been pleased by the foundation established this past year and we are eager to continue building upon it. Read the 2017-2018 Civic Action Plan Update here.

  • COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS: How might we strengthen the relationship between the campus and community?
  • COORDINATION: How might we connect a diffuse campus in terms of civic engagement?
  • ETHICS IN CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: How might we better prepare all students, faculty and staff for ethical work with communities?
  • FACULTY AND STAFF: How might we encourage faculty and staff involved in civic engagement?
  • EQUITY AND JUSTICE: How might we examine and invigorate Duke’s commitment to equity and justice?