Civic Action Plan Publication & Implementation

Recently approved by President Brodhead and Provost Kornbluth, the Duke Civic Action Plan lays out priorities and objectives to strengthen civic engagement efforts at Duke. Over the past 10 months, the Duke Office of Civic Engagement has focused most of its energy in the creation of this plan with an aim to involve people from across campus and the community. Beginning in summer of 2016, the Civic Action Plan process offered nine generative sessions that involved more than 130 faculty, staff, students and community members. During these sessions, participants identified strengths, weaknesses and possibilities in Duke’s partnerships with local, national and international communities.

As these sessions continued, hundreds of questions and ideas emerged and were assigned priority by the participants. These generated ideas began to coalesce in the five themes reflecting the priorities of the plan:

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS: How might we strengthen the relationship between the campus and community?

COORDINATION: How might we connect a diffuse campus in terms of civic engagement?

ETHICS IN CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: How might we better prepare all students, faculty and staff for ethical work with communities?

FACULTY AND STAFF SUPPORT: How might we encourage faculty and staff involvement in civic engagement?

EQUITY AND JUSTICE: How might we examine and invigorate Duke’s commitment to equity and justice in civic engagement work?

While hundreds of ideas were generated, each idea was assessed based on feasibility, level of priority assigned by participants, cost and alignment with the academic strategic plan. More specific objectives and action items are identified in the Duke Civic Action Plan; most of these priorities are collaborative in nature and will involve a variety of individuals to offer leadership and guidance from the campus and the community.

The Duke Civic Action Plan builds upon the campus commitment to civic engagement and identifies a variety of strategies to facilitate Duke’s engagement in sustainable and equitable partnerships, including increased coordination, communication, and knowledge of practices and partnerships across the institution and within the community.

The Duke Office of Civic Engagement will be coordinating implementation efforts across campus in collaboration with partnering units. Please contact Leslie Parkins for more information on getting involved in the Duke Civic Action Plan.