What’s Next for US?

Immigration, jobs, the environment, health care, infrastructure, foreign relations, voting rights – these are just a few of the important issues facing our nation.

A new digital media project called What’s Next for US from Duke’s Office of News & Communications (ONC) will provide a forum for the university faculty to explore these issues through analysis, commentary, video, podcasts and news clips.

The site can be viewed at http://whatsnext.duke.edu.

While many of these topics were prevalent in the campaign, What’s Next for US will broaden the discussion and explore them from multiple vantage points. In addition to policy issues, topics may include a reflective look at why college campuses are considered out of touch with the rest of the country and how Duke’s programs, research and people are working to understand and improve conditions in rural and small-town America.

“We will showcase the work of our faculty on the important issues of the day,” said Steve Hartsoe, senior editor at ONC who will lead What’s Next. “By providing a constructive channel where we can feature their extensive expertise and insights, we expect to help the Duke community, the media and the public make sense of what is happening in our nation.

“This is, in some ways, a follow-up to our election-focused Campaign Stop 2016 website, which we retired in November, but with a specific focus on forward-thinking ideas.

All totaled, Campaign Stop posted about 1,000 stories, media clips, blogs, op-eds, videos, and podcasts from November 2015 through the election. It featured the work of more than 200 Duke faculty and nearly five dozen Duke students. A wrap-up report of Campaign Stop can be found here.

For more information about What’s Next, contact Hartsoe at steve.hartsoe@duke.edu.

This article originally appeared on Duke Today. Photo by Ron Cogswell.