Tutor with America Reads / America Counts

The America Reads/America Counts (ARAC) program is designed to enhance primary-level reading and math skills of children in Durham, while providing Duke University students the opportunity to give back to their community, gain work experience, and earn money. ARAC tutors are funded through Federal Work Study. The program is coordinated through the Duke Community Service Center (CSC).

  • Give back to the community: Tutor primary-level reading and math to children of Durham. Many students are of color, English language learners or low-income.
  • Highest paid federal work study: ARAC pays $13.50/hr to undergraduates and $16.50/hr to graduate students. Most other jobs pay ~$10/hr.
  • Build professional skills: Collaborate with teachers and program administrators to develop lesson plans; meet with fellow tutors to reflect critically on best tutoring practices; enhance intercultural competency; build relationships in Durham.
  • Choose your own schedule: Times range from 8am to 7pm. Free and convenient transportation provided to most site.

Rolling applications until January 13, 2017. Applications and more info available here.

Questions? Email megan.mccurley@duke.edu