Civic Lives at Duke

The Duke Office of Civic Engagement aims to support the many ways Duke engages. We believe civic engagement encompasses community service but also advocacy, social innovation, engaged scholarship, and community and regional development. The Office prides itself on being nimble and responsive to grassroots efforts and facilitating collegial conversations related to civic engagement. As part of this effort, we are conducting and filming a series of “Civic Lives” interviews. These interviews, featured to the right, aim to highlight the unique ways Duke students, faculty, staff, and alumni use the university as a catalyst to make a difference – locally, nationally, and globally. (The full Civic Lives archive may be found here.)



Academic Engagement for Global & Civic Opportunities

Through one-on-one advising, Directors of Academic Engagement (DAEs) in the global advising program work with undergraduates to incorporate global and civic opportunities into their academic plans. DAEs guide students as they explore the options before them, reflect on the experiences behind them and integrate all their classes, activities and experiences into their Duke education. Learn more.


DukeEngage empowers students to address critical human needs through immersive service, in the process transforming students, advancing the University’s educational mission, and providing meaningful assistance to communities in the U.S. and abroad. Learn more.


Ubuntu is a selective living group at Duke devoted to civic engagement and social change. Their mission is to cultivate a sustained passion and interest in addressing the world’s most pressing issues, and to ingrain these characteristics in the consciousness of the typical Duke student. Learn more.

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